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This set of 5 bracelets features a mix of beautiful beads in shades of blue, gray, and white. They include faceted beads, faux pearls, and swirled glass. The bracelets are perfect for anyone who loves fashion and beauty, and they will add a touch of elegance to any outfit. The beads are strung on stretchy cords, making them easy to wear and adjust. Before any stretch, the bracelets measure 6.5” but since they are stretchy, can fit on pretty much any wrist. The elastic is in very good condition on these bracelets. The silver faux pearl one is the loosest, but as you can see in the photo still holds the beads tightly together. The others seem practically unworn.

Each bracelet in this set is unique, but could be worn together in any combination or by themselves. The white bracelet features beautifully crafted clear glass beads that contain a white swirl in the middle of each bead. These are very unique and appear to be handmade as each one is slightly varying and so beautiful. Don’t miss out on a great group of bracelets!

Set of 5 Stretch Bracelets: Faceted Beads, Faux Pearls, Glass

SKU: 1037-69
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